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The SOD Difference

To be a better test taker, students need to practice. With our test prep, students take practice tests, have their work graded, and then review it all. We teach problem solving, not gimmicks.

The Show vs Tell Difference

Most online test prep programs are merely repurposed books, giving students the confusing task of determining the process required to work out the answer. Our test prep videos model problem solving in the very environment (i.e., same space, same pencil) that students will face on test day.

The following is an example of the difference between "showing" and "telling" the answer:

The Question


Show Me the Answer
The SOD Method

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Tell Me the Answer
Typical Online Course Method

The Correct Answer is A.

Answer Explanation: Since it is given that the triangle is isosceles, we know that two of the sides must be equal in length. Thus, either AB = BC or AB = AC. (We know that BC ≠ AC because it is given that BC = 5 and AC > 10.)

Since the sum of any two sides of a triangle must be greater than the third side, AB ≠ 5. In other words, since 5 + 5 is not greater than 10, AB ≠ 5. It follows that if AB ≠ 5 and two sides must be equal in length, AB must equal AC. Since AC > 10, AB must also be greater than 10. Thus, (A) is the correct answer.



Mike D.

Mike D.
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"SOD helps me effectively teach a large group of students. It automatically adapts itself to each student's ability level. In addition, the Study Hall allows me to accurately track all of my students in over 150 specific academic content areas."